Performance Parts for the RB26DETT

LQ9 "LS" Coil Mounting Kit for RB26 - $160

This kit along with the Wiring Specialties harness (not included) fits neatly under the factory RB26 coil cover with no rubbing or touching. You will also use completely unmodified D585 coils; no cutting the grounding straps, ears, or case. This allows easy track-side coil replacement. The harness fits the coils easily and is removable with no hassle. It also does not interfere with the VCAM cam sensor if equipped. You will reuse your stock RB boots and stock RB springs.

Just a bit of data for the people wondering why this conversion is needed: on stock coils we were having plug blowout issues around 17-18psi and misfires at lower revs at WOT. With these coils the misfires are gone and we are at 21psi without a hitch. The other obvious benefit of these coils is they are in stock at nearly every auto part store across America!

- Complete installation instructions
- Mounting bracket
- Mounting hardware
- Free shipping to lower 48

You Will Need:
 - Stock RB26 springs and boots
- 6 GM D585 coils AC Delco #10457730
- Wiring Specialties harness #WRS-LS2COIL-RB26

Note: Orders on this custom item are non refundable and non-returnable.